Why Travel & Adventure Are Integral To Discovering You

Is a bird really a bird if it has never flown? Is a fox worthy of the name without a little cunning? Consider the essence of both, and whether an animal can claim its namesake in a way beyond simply biology. Does a man or woman know what it is to be human if he/she has never set out to explore?


Blessed we certainly are, to live in a day and age where round-the-world tickets are up for grabs, and travel opportunities are literally served up in the palm of your hand. Intrepid exploration is one of the pillars of humanity, a rite of passage even. Think back to the first time you were really granted freedom. Staring down a sandbox, a new city, or a national park, your skin might have prickled with anticipation. As you began to explore and to build your story, forming bonds and making discoveries, you got your first real taste of that essence. No one man can tell you what sand feels like in between your toes, just like nobody can experience it for you. You have to go out there and discover it for yourself, see your favorite band play live, get kicked out of the show, make mistakes, learn, grow. All the beautiful things you can do that make you human, have to be experienced for one's self.

Philosophy aside, The Ski Week comes at a time when the world is smaller than ever, people are empowered to explore, and together we share a moral obligation to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle. Our ability to sample the fruits of worldly experience has reached it's tipping point. What we provide is the platform for an immersive outdoor social experience which absolutely relies on people, just like you, to make it special. So make that New Year's resolution, and stick to it. Buy a plane ticket, fall in love, and never look back. Find the gift you were born to give, and get busy sharing it with the world...

Gear Guide 2016/17

Oh honey, I just don’t know what to get you for Christmas anymore
— Said no ski-mum, ever

But if you are one of the lucky ones who's parents still care, boy have we got a treat for you. Welcome to The Ski Week gear guide 2017, the definitive list of rock solid gear that will keep you stomping landings and spraying jerrys with just the right amount of sass, from Niseko to Chamonix.


I know what you're thinking, this list is just ski gear made in teal. Correction, this is a list of the BEST ski gear made in teal this year, and we stand by every recommendation. Now fire up a copy/paste and slap this on your mum's facebook wall. That will teach your parents to stay off social. It may also simultaneously hook your friends up with matching gear because parents just looove to talk, think of the #crewlove in your season pass photos. 

-You know what to do.

Le magie de Chamonix

Let us consider the facts for a moment, it has been proven by science that weekends are better than weekdays. Even more so, that weekends in Chamonix valley are measurably better than weekends at home. 

Maybe it's the crisp mountain air. Maybe it's the timeless charm of a true pioneering ski village. Maybe it's the unique startup environment that's taking root in the valley. Maybe it's the historic folklore of legends past and present proving themselves beneath Mont Blanc. Maybe it's the smell of fresh baguette every morning, and fondue every night. Maybe it's the soft spoken, unbroken will of the alpine railway keepers.

Or maybe it’s just the best skiing in the world.
— wise old skier

Weekend bookings are now available for The Ski Week Chamonix, you can thank us at the top ;)

The Ski Week Trailer 2017

It's a special kind of community when no matter where you fly, you will always have a warm hug waiting, a cold beer to share, and a soft couch to crash on. Even more special when you fly together to chase the collective dream. Consider then, shooting a trailer for your dream except instead of casting actors, you just invite all your best friends to go skiing. We are The Ski Week, that's who we are, we ski the world together.